The last muscle group you need to build up to emphasize the feminine silhouette are your legs. Shapely quads add to the x-frame, making your waist appear smaller, and hamstrings help lift and define your booty to make it more prominent, adding to the curve of your hips. Leg training is versatile in that you can hit multiple muscles by making slight adjustments to the angles or where your feet are.

Similar to glute training, for quads you want to vary your foot placement to target the different muscles. Narrow and wide stance, as well as a neutral stance, can target the inner and outer thighs for squats and leg presses. Deep lunges can also help build up your glutes while targeting the quads. By increasing the distance of your step, you will tend to target the glutes, whereas a smaller step will hit your quads. When taking the longer stride, slightly lean forward from your hips to get a good stretch through the glute and hamstring as well.

Deep Lunges

Goblet squats are also a great way to hit the quads because you must keep your chest up and abs tight in order to sit back properly, initiating proper squat form for those who struggle with the barbell. They also let you get a little lower and experience a more complete range of motion because of the angle, which can be hard to do if you have tight hip flexors.


Hamstrings are typically one of the first muscles to get injured because they aren’t targeted as often and are therefore underdeveloped. Single leg Romanian deadlifts (see part 3 of this series) are a great variation to target the stretch through the hamstrings for those who have a hard time activating those muscles. Lying dumbbell leg curls on a bench can also get into the deeper muscles that are more difficult to target. Start with a lighter weight with these two exercises until you feel the activation and are comfortable lifting heavier.

Lying and seated leg curl and extension machines can be a killer when added to the end of a leg work out as a finisher. Try drop sets to really add size and push water out of the area for more definition: start with a heavy weight and complete eight to ten reps, then immediately drop the weight and complete as many reps as possible, and drop one more time and go to failure. Your muscles should be screaming by the end – if not, you aren’t pushing hard enough.

The Finale

Thank you so much for reading my posts and thank you to Strong Supplements for allowing me the opportunity to present them.  Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, for a vast majority of women an hourglass figure is achievable.  With a bit of work and attention to diet you can have a more enviable figure, but what is more you can increase your confidence and improve your health.  If you haven’t done so please read my other posts, part 1-3 in this series for more about working out to achieve an hourglass figure.  This is the final post of the series but not my final post, I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

Please leave your questions or comments below as I love hearing from you and responding, thank you again!

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