Probably one of the most sought after aspects of a feminine physique, particularly in the last few years, is a stellar set of glutes. Fortunately you don’t have to be genetically gifted to grow your backside – some strategical tweaks to your routine will have you sporting those bikini bottoms soon enough.

The most basic move for glutes is the squat. Every girl in the gym should hit squats at least once a week, if not twice, when your aim is to grow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different foot placement – try a wide stance with your toes pointed outward to shift the focus from your quads. One day use the squat rack, and another try using dumbbells. Plie squats are a great dumbbell variation that targets the backside. Don’t be afraid to get low and always push up through your heels to maximize the use of your glute muscles.


Plie Squats

Two other important compound exercises are the Romanian deadlift and Smith machine split squats. The Romanian deadlift works the bottom of the glutes and shapes the hamstrings, which will lift your booty up. Again, the key here is to push your hips back and keep your weight in your heels. With the Smith machine split squats, place your front foot far forward and your back foot as far back as you can. Lunge down deep and stop just short of coming all the way up to keep constant tension. This movement will help build the shelf part of the booty that is so difficult to target. These two exercises will not only work the major muscles of your butt, but also help build the supporting leg muscles that will define the areas around it and emphasize its shape.

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift

To fine tune the smaller muscles and create a rounded shape to complete the look, try weighted glute bridges with a barbell or plate. Use the abductor machine and sit forward so the pads are on the outside of your leg just below your butt. This will allow you to lift more weight and will force you to use the outside of your glutes.

Remember to keep lifting as heavy as possible without sacrificing form – this isn’t your mom’s Jane Fonda workout tape!


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