Accentuate Your Curves and Create Sexy Toned Muscle

A major concern among women who lift is the loss of their womanly curves as muscle develops. This doesn’t have to be the case – with some specific training techniques, you can actually use muscle gains to your advantage in creating a curvy, feminine physique. The most sought-after body shape is the hourglass figure. Previously this shape was determined solely by genetic blessing: you were either born with broad shoulders and hips and a tiny waist, or you had to create the illusion through clothing choices. This guide will help you emphasize those curves by simply changing up your gym routine.


Your shoulders are one of the two most important muscle groups to develop for this ideal physique. If you naturally have narrow shoulders or a wide waist, building shoulder caps will create a slimmer midsection and balance out your shoulders and hips for that curvy look. Most important are the medial delts, which create a full, rounded look and pop in a tank top. Variations of the lateral raise, including rotating your hands to have either your thumbs or pinkies up will hit this head of the shoulder.

Next are the rear delts, which create the curve of the shoulder from behind where they connect to the triceps. Bent over rear delt flys, sitting face forward on the pec deck and opening your arms out to the side, and face pulls are great examples of exercises to help build size. Not only are they instrumental in creating the feminine silhouette, they play an important role in posture and will help pull your shoulders back if you tend to lean forward from sitting at a desk all day.

Finally the anterior (front) head of the deltoid muscle, which helps define the line between your shoulders and chest, completing the rounded pumpkin look many fitness models are famous for. To target this area, try overhead presses and front raises with dumbbells or a plate. They are also supporting muscles in chest presses, so remember to recover properly between chest and shoulder training to prevent injury and fatigue.

The key is to lift heavy.  In order to build muscle, you must create micro-tears in the tissue that the body will repair as a result of pushing your limits. Doing hundreds of repetitions with three-pound dumbbells is only going to increase your muscular endurance, not the size of your delts!
Lastly a Video – a bit of inspiration, fitsporation for Women Who Lift Readers. Click Here for the Link in the Video.


  • Rachel says:

    Please keep informing me!! I already do most of the exersices listed. Works wonders.

  • kaitlin says:

    I want to know more! I’ve got somewhat broad shoulders and not a very big waist. What ate the best exercise for hips and butt? I know a few variations of squats but I’d love some other exercise ideas!

    • James Strong says:

      Stay tuned Kaitlin, Alexandra is preparing a 4 part series which will include everything you want to know – and hopefully more.

  • Nancy says:

    You really don’t have to lift heavy to get results. Any amount will work with time and increasing weight as you go. Be sure to take a break between sessions, such as a day. Since weight lifting does tear your muscles, they need to recover. Suggest doing aerobics every other day between lifting. Also be sure to use a mirror (or a wall of them, if available) so you can be sure your posture is correct or you may do more damage than good. When I used to be able to do this I would come out of the workout feeling so high and wonderful. My arms, legs, shoulders, everything looked so sculpted and perfect. Nothing manly about a woman’s beautifully toned body.

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