How To Choose The Right Testosterone Booster

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Low Test Can Make You A Mess

If you’ve been around the gym scene for more than a minute or two you’ve probably encountered talk of testosterone boosters and other performance enhancing supplements. What may not be so clear is where the line for one ends and the other begins, and in many cases that line is blurred. As usual, we have your back with everything you need to know about test boosters, whether or not you should be taking one, and what kind of effects you can expect.

Why is testosterone important?Okay, this might be kind of a dumb question – we all know the male sex hormone plays an important role in building muscle and controlling libido. But what you may not know is that having low testosterone levels can seriously mess you up both in and out of the gym.
How To Choose The Right Testosterone BoosterTestosterone is responsible for much of the body’s development, including regulating muscle mass, fat distribution, libido, and strength, just to name a few. Studies have shown that decreased testosterone levels result in decreases in lean mass and muscle size (bye-bye gains), as well as increased occurrences of erectile dysfunction and higher levels of body fat due to declining estradiol, a byproduct of testosterone in the body 1.
Even worse? As you age, your natural testosterone levels decline. In men, test levels reach their peak during teen years and early adulthood, often dropping about 1% per year after age 30. Suddenly the “Dad Bod” phenomenon seems a little more imminent for those who aren’t willing to do something about it.Bottom line: If you want to avoid the imminent Dad Bod, muscle loss and all the benefits healthy levels of testosterone bring workout consistently, control your diet, and watch your testosterone levels.


What’s the difference between a test booster and other performance enhancers? While both promote increased levels of testosterone in the body, there are a few major differences that distinguish a test booster from more hardcore supplements or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). First and foremost, PEDs like steroids are illegal unless prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition, while test boosters are not. It should go without saying that purchasing and taking steroids can cost you more than just the hefty price tag. What Is The Right Test Booster For You?

Disclaimer aside, the main distinction between steroids and test boosters is that steroids introduce a synthetic form of testosterone, while test boosters help to naturally stimulate your body’s production of the natural hormone. Side effects of steroids can include shrinking testicles (yes, the threat is real), gynocomastia (think: man boobs), baldness, and even heart and liver problems. Test boosters, however, offer a more natural solution to the declining hormone levels without the major side effects.


Okay so PEDs = bad, test boosters = good. What’s in them? What should I look for?

Any test booster worth its salt should contain D-Aspartic Acid, or DAA for short, which is proven to naturally raise testosterone production by 42% in just 12 days. DAA also increases luteinizing hormone and growth hormone production, in addition to nitric oxide which promotes faster recovery.

Other popular ingredients include:

  • Ashwaganda Root Extract, responsible for increasing levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone as well as decreasing cortisol, a hormone that can lead to loss of muscle and increase in body fat.
  • Mucuna Puriens, a precursor to Dopamine which affects mood, happiness, and motivation, and triggers greater testosterone production.
  • Fenugreek, a known libido booster that also increases testosterone and growth hormone levels while reducing DHT.
  • Dehydroabeitic Acid (DHAA) for its anti-estrogen effects and positive results on body composition.

Depending on your experience and level of fitness, your needs for a test booster will vary. Which brings us to…

Which test booster is right for me?

There are two types of guys who will need a test booster: the guy heading towards or in the midst of “middle age” who wants to increase test levels and reap all the benefits healthy test levels offer, and the guy who has been around the block quite a few times and requires a stronger formula to keep up with his routine or has run a few cycles and needs extra support for their post-cycle.How To Choose The Right Test Booster

If you fall into the first category, you will want something like DAA Max by Vital Alchemy, a pharmaceutical-grade form of DAA proven to lead to increases in muscle mass, strength, energy levels, libido, and fat burning. DAA Max also has mood boosting qualities due to its effect on GABA and dopamine levels, often acting with antidepressant results.

If you’re in the advanced category, we suggest Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs: it’s the most potent testosterone supplement available with 16 fully dosed test boosting ingredients all aimed at rocketing your test levels. This is not for guys testing the waters or those just looking to increase their natural test levels on an everyday basis. Sergeant Steel is potent, boasting all the ingredients mentioned above in addition to several others to help drop estrogen and cortisol levels, increase muscle mass, strength, recovery and mood, and block DHT.Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs

The products above are straight from the Top 10 Testosterone Boosters List, which is why feel they are a good choice. You can see the complete list here: Top 10 Test Boosters.

The Bottom Line
Test boosters like DAA Max can be effective for those looking to gain an edge or get back that youthful vigor. The advanced Sergeant Steel can send your muscles into overdrive by surging your test levels and helping to increasing your recovery, mood, strength while off cycle. Whether you’re running hardcore cycles year in and year out or simply want a way to feel like you did when you were 18, one thing is clear: testosterone is not just possible for the young, but for the young at heart as well.



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