The Hard Rock Story

Born in the era of the hardcore, Hard Rock Supplements started as a cult favorite. In its early days, word was passed in bodybuilder forums about Hard Rock’s purity, potency and effectiveness and the company began to grow as a brand. Today Hard Rock Supplements is bigger than ever, selling its products in over 115 countries.

Some think Hard Rock is an overnight success – we assure you they are not. Their success, like any real success, was hard earned. It came from supplying their customers with what they value most – pure, well dosed products that gives them the results they demand, day in and day out. If you’re ready to make meaningful gains step up to the challenge and go hardcore, go Hard Rock!

The Hard Rock Supplements Product Line-up

  • No. 1 Ranked Bulker Super Mandro


    The No. 1 Ranked Bulking Supplement for the last two years Super Mandro leads the Hard Rock Line-up.

    Backed up by the West Texas A&M University Study Super Mandro has a tried-and-true formula that has shown to help customers to pile on massive amounts of muscle in just 30 days, and is up to 7 times more anabolic than your natural testosterone. This same Super Mandro formula down to every last milligram of each tablet was tested with a group of 17 men over the course of 30 days at West Texas A&M University, in which the average gain was 8.8 lbs of solid lean muscle mass while dropping 4.4 lbs of body fat! Learn More…

  • No. 1 Ranked Fat Burner Alpha Lean-7


    The No. 1 Ranked Fat Burner named this year blowing past the previous No. 1 in less than six months, a new record.

    Far and away the customers’ favorite fat burner Alpha Lean-7 is responsible for more people getting shredded or losing weight than any other fat burner available. Alpha Lean-7 is a revolutionary new formula more effective in generating intense thermogenesis, clamping down hunger pangs and accelerating metabolic rate. But Alpha Lean-7 doesn’t stop there it can also amplify energy levels and improve your focus. Learn More…

  • No. 1 Ranked Cutter Androvar


    The No. 1 Ranked Cutting Supplement for the past two years.

    Ranked as the most effective cutting supplement customers have gravitated to Androvar for its fully dosed serving and the extra quantity of servings per bottle. Customers can do a full cycle with one bottle of Androvar compared to the 2-3 bottles need when cutting with its competitors. Fully dosed capsules in mass quantity make Androvar a market leader as well as Top Ranked Performer.
    Learn More…

  • Top 10 Ranked Andro The Giant


    A Top 10 Ranked Bulking Compound Andro The Giant is a Fully Dosed Androsterone product that helps to build layers of rock hard lean muscle mass.

    There is no better way to bulk up, increase your strength, boost your libido, and promote the alpha male mentality that is worthy of the Giant Lifestyle than to have more testosterone! Andro the Giant gets you there because it is loaded with a potent supply of 4-Androsterone, the anabolic bulking agent that through a two-step conversion process becomes Testosterone! Gain the respect of giants, go with Andro The Giant to rock your next bulking cycle. Learn More…

  • Top Ranked Cutting Supplement R-Andro Shred


    As a Top 10 Ranked Cutting Compound R-Andro Shred is the Fully Dosed R-Andro product that contains 330% more of the compound than its nearest competitor.

    The R-Andro Shred formula helps to tackle the factors that been holding you back from getting the physique you desire by accelerating your metabolism and decreasing your estrogen – reducing your body’s ability to store fat, while helping to increase your anabolic and androgenic activity to enhance your base of muscle and improve your definition. A combination of attacks that makes it arguably one of the most powerful cutting agents available. Learn More…

  • Top Ranked Triple Stack Anabolic Trinity


    This Top 10 Ranked Cutter is a veritable 3X stack of shredding goodness.

    Anabolic Trinity is a triad of highly potent anabolics at powerful dosages brought together to help you increase your strength, build stacks of lean muscle mass and rid your body of stubborn fat. Bring your deepest muscle cuts to the surface and build a rock hard ripped physique with a combination of three of the most effective anabolics available today, Androsterone, Epiandro, and Laxogenin! This product is intended for experienced users only. Learn More…

  • Seismic Surge Preworkout


    The Explosive Workout Energizer That Pushes Your Training Off The Richter Scale

    Engineered specifically for the fitness elites this new formulation capitalizes on the latest breakthroughs in strength, stamina, and stimulant science to force the human body beyond its breaking point and into its untapped 6th gear. Conquer your workouts with a surge of energy that would break the faint-hearted, and let them all marvel at your pumped up physique. Learn More…

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