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By January 30, 2020 Fitness

Remember how it felt to be a teenager? We’re not talking about the acne-filled, social-anxiety ridden hallways of your high school – think back to lifting weights in the gym or two-a-days on the football field. You didn’t need two scoops of the pre-workout your buddy recommended to make it through leg day, and just switching up a few exercises for a week or two resulted in noticeable gains in both mass and strength.

But here we are a few years on, and suddenly that youthful vigor is harder to come by. You need coffee to wake up. Your libido doesn’t always win out over an extra hour of sleep. And don’t even get started on how much harder you have to work to keep your physique dialed in.Test1fy by Olmpus Labs - Click Here To Learn More The good news is that you’re not alone; in fact, this is all a normal response to the natural decline in testosterone levels that occurs after the hormone peaks around age 18-19.

No, that wasn’t a typo – your testosterone reaches its highest level just before you hit 20. So how do you combat the overall decline in free test that occurs throughout the rest of your adult life?

Meet Test1fy, Olymbus Labs’ flagship testosterone booster that features a whopping eight ingredients designed to help optimize your hormone levels plus an estrogen control agent to help you make lean mass and strength gains.

One of the main compounds in Test1fy is Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that has been shown to increase both testosterone and DHEA, a precursor to testosterone 1. Subjects in that study also reported improved fatigue and overall sexual and psychological well-being. Another study found that users supplementing with Ashwagandha while participating in resistance training regimens saw a significant increase in both muscle mass and strength gains 2.

The other major player on Test1fy’s ingredient panel is Tongkat Ali, which has been shown to significantly increase free testosterone levels as well as improved strength 3. It’s gained notoriety over the past few years due not only to its testosterone boosting abilities, but also because its been shown to help prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen 4, and improve male libido while aiding in cortisol reduction 5.

If you’re ready to recapture the feeling of youth without the painful socially-awkward experiences, Test1fy by Olympus Labs may be just the answer you’ve been waiting for. Try it now and Testify for yourself, exclusively from Strong Supplement Shop.



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