As we all know, there are so many different aspects of bodybuilding. It’s not just one thing. I mean… if it was, we would all be Schwarzeneggers by now because we are all – after all – Gym Rats! Sadly, we all know how important diet is, changing our workout routines, keeping a healthy body, and let’s face it, the list goes on and on. I know one of the most complex parts of my own body-building tenure is keeping off that last bit of fat. The last 5% that would make me into a shred machine.

Fat burners have been my answer. They jump-start our metabolism and aid our body in burning fats as energy by simulating hormonal reactions. Combine this with the other key ingredients that get our blood pumping, muscles moving, and if you use the right Fat Burners, you’ll even have a better workout. You can expect a wide array of ingredients, and scientists are always finding the most efficient ways to use these components. However, it would help if you looked out for Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, and Yohimbine. All these ingredients work to increase your metabolism and utilize your fat cells to be burnt as energy in the gym. It isn’t a complete replacement for diet; however, they have been scientifically proven to help! By combining well-known natural ingredients and science, the world of fat burners is here to stay and to help us stay trim!


Another important issue we should all be aware of is possible hormone imbalances. I’m positive there are some of you reading this that have used certain types of fat burners and still aren’t seeing the difference. If that’s you, then your issue probably isn’t a dietary one, but an easily fixable hormonal imbalance. This can be related to both the stress hormone (Cortisol) and Thyroid Issues.

Let’s Talk Hormones…


Cortisol is one nasty imbalance to have. It will literally KEEP storing fat and burn MUSCLE for energy instead. I have, however, found that there are some excellent ways to help fight cortisol in the body. I did a lot of research on the formula Assault Labs has put forth, and after studying the results, I am confident that this could be the stress hormone throat punch you may be looking for. CORTI COMBAT helps control cortisol and thus lets out bodies go back to burning fat for energy instead of wasting away at our hard-earned muscle. The price point can’t really be beat when it comes to Cortisol blockers.

Corti Combat by Assault Labs

Now, if you’re looking for a thyroid assistance, then you definitely need look no further!

Fit Throid by Vital Alchemy

Fit Throid by Vital Alchemy

Created by the award-winning company, Vital Alchemy, Fit Throid does precisely what you want from a fat burner. Its beautiful combination of science and natural ingredients mimics the thyroid hormone to increase your metabolism, take the edge off your hunger, and activate thermogenesis. All of this culminates in your body burning your fats as a fuel, instead of that lean muscle mass we need to keep. It does EXACTLY what you want from a fat burner while even giving you an energy boost to aid your workout. It is a must-try!

For a couple of more traditional fat burners that pack a MUSCLE punch, these are a MUST try!

The Muscle Sculptor by Vital Alchemy

Once again, Vital Alchemy proving that they are worth investing in. This time with The Muscle Sculptor. As you would expect, you can find Caffeine and Yohimbine. You’ll also see ingredients like Citrus Aurantium to help increase the number of calories burned during food digestion, and even things like Celery Seed Extract to help reduce your water retention without altering your sodium and potassium levels. First and foremost, this is a Fat Burner; however, The Muscle Sculptor goes one step further, including Laxogenin with its active ingredients. It enhances muscle protein synthesis while reducing protein breakdown. The Muscle Sculptor burns your fat while helping build the lean muscle we’re all searching for.

The Muscle Sculptor by Vital Alchemy
Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements


This is my favorite Fat Burner out there. Alpha Lean-7 is for experienced users only… It even says that on the bottle. For a more intense Fat Burner, you need to look no further! It includes our Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, and active ingredients like Eria Jarensis Extract, which even helps produce a euphoric feeling to increase energy. Its formulas generate ‘severe’ thermogenesis, curb hunger and accelerate our metabolism. Alpha Lean-7 is my favorite Fat Burner out there because you can feel its intensity during a workout. It’s like a Fat Burner meets a PWO. For experienced users, you must try Alpha Lean-7!

Getting those last few lbs of fat off while keeping the muscle on can always be a challenge. It is, for sure, the most rewarding part of the game! We all process fat differently and have different hurdles to jump over. So, give yourself the best advantages you can and try one of these fat burners. Whether you’re tackling hormonal imbalances or a lack of time to diet properly, there is something for everyone in these four game changing products.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and opinions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet, supplement, or exercise regimen.


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