Destination Destiny Olympus Labs Joins Strong’s Family Of Exclusive Brands

By February 7, 2020 Cutting

No Myth Here Olympus Labs Becomes Strong Supplements Newest Exclusive Brand

Some say it’s a decree from Mount Olympus others say it’s pure destiny. Today Olympus Labs and Strong Supplements announced they have formed a new bond to provide customers with an even wider choice of innovative top ranked fitness supplements. The new relationship further strengthens each company’s position in the fitness industry by creating product development, marketing and customer care synergies to usher in a brand new era of supplements and services.Assass1nate by Olympus Labs

“Assass1nate The New Fat Burner That Won’t Make You Go Bat-Stim-Crazy”

Olympus Labs joins the Vital Alchemy, Assault Labs and Hard Rock Supplements family of exclusive brands sold by Strong Supplements. The new arrangement gives each company the ability to execute on its core strengths. In just a few short years Olympus has grown into a leader by being a first to market innovator within the Natural Anabolic, Preworkout and Fat Loss categories. By handing sales, digital marketing and data science to Strong, Olympus will now be able to focus 100% of their time and resources on product development and manufacturing. This is more important now than ever before as the industry is under constant change from technological and policy forces.

Having Olympus Labs in Strong’s pipeline will give customers more exciting choices when searching for solutions to make their highest health and fitness goals a reality. As a member of Strong’s family of exclusive brands Olympus too will now be able to tap the flow of product information about customer’s needs and desires, allowing them to provide more effective and relevant products.

Without delay the companies will be relaunching some old favorites as well as brand new products. More information about the Olympus Labs line and a completely new set of products is set to be released soon. If you haven’t already done so sign-up for the Strong Supplements Email and stay tuned to watch as this strategic relationship shapes the fitness industry in different ways than you’ve experienced before.

You can now find the full Olympus Labs Line Of Products HERE.

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