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DAA Max: Natural High Value High Test Generator or Rebellious 1950’s Hairdo?

By May 11, 2017Fitness, HYPE

If you’ve ever spent hours slaving away in the gym only to see a fraction of the muscle growth you were hoping for while your friend is packing on size, you’re not alone. Gymgoers everywhere are always looking for the “next big thing” to help them pack on the size and reap the benefits of their efforts. DAA MAX by Vital LabsVital Labs has heard the cries and answered with DAA Max, pure D-Aspartic Acid that’s been shown to naturally raise testosterone levels by 42% in just 12 days of consistent use.

Vital Labs uses pharmaceutical grade D-Aspartic Acid to deliver a powerful, high-quality product with no fillers. DAA Max will do more than just boost your testosterone, it can also help elevate levels of HGH and Luteinizing Hormones, leading to increased energy levels, nitric oxide production, reduced recovery time, and a steely libido. D-Aspartic Acid has been shown to also promote healthy GABA and dopamine levels, serving as an antidepressant. With a massive re-buy rate and large contingent of stellar reviews, DAA Max has also topped the list of Top 10 Testosterone boosters for several years. Many customers use it alongside their Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to help bring back testosterone production after using an andro product.

daa max

If you’re looking to boost your testosterone naturally without running a hardcore cycle (or breaking the bank), then DAA Max by Vital Labs may be your best bet.

You can find DAA Max exclusively on shelves at Strong Supplement Shop.


  • Damien says:

    Went through a bottle last month, loved it.

    • James Strong says:

      Hey Damien-

      Thank you for the validation. DAA MAX is one of our best selling products that we don’t advertise much because it pretty much sells itself. Its a very effective low cost product (cheap and good! – my personal favorite attributes). It started with guys who ran cycles using it in their PCT, then the word of mouth spread from there. We greatly appreciate you chiming in about it here.

      Thank you again…

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