Classic Summer Crunch – Trending Fat Loss Accelerator or Post Apocalyptic Protein Cocktail

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So you gotta lose fat, and you gotta lose it NOW.** Maybe you planned a quick poolside getaway, or maybe you realized your high school reunion is coming up, or maybe summer is around the corner and you’ve been eating a few too many carbs and skipping cardio more often than not. Whatever your reason, you’ve got just 30 days to drop the fat and you’ll do whatever it takes to get there. Classic Summer Crunch

So you’re going to ramp up the fasted cardio every morning to burn fat, hit the weights like nobody’s business to preserve muscle mass, clean up your diet to eliminate bloating, and use Alpha Lean-7 and IsoMorph to get absolutely shredded.

Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements has ranked number one on the Top 10 Fat Burners for 2017 and for good reason – according to customer reviews, it absolutely works. Alpha Lean-7 delivers crazy energy and appetite suppression, along with a nootropic agent to boost your mood (read: goodbye, hangry!). As an added bonus, it also contains a mild diuretic to help flush out extra water to give you a leaner, harder physique – just make sure to drink at least a gallon of water to stay hydrated and enhance your weight loss and appetite suppression.

Take one capsule on an empty stomach in the morning before your fasted cardio, and another in the afternoon to keep the effects going all day long. Be warned though: you will want to take the second capsule at least six hours before going to bed – it’s powerful enough to mess with your sleep if taken too close to bedtime.

Next up is IsoMorph by APS Nutrition, a pure whey protein isolate that contains 28g of protein per scoop. Whey protein isolate is a pure, micro- and ultra-filtered form of protein without any of the fluff, meaning very few carbs and sugar, making it perfect for when you’re trying to drop fat fast. Cutting calories means you risk losing muscle mass, so you’re going to want to keep your protein a higher and your carbs lower, with a moderate fat intake.
Classic Summer Crunch

Make sure to down a scoop or two of IsoMorph postworkout to shuttle protein straight to your muscles to prevent breakdown and preserve your hard earned lean mass. IsoMorph can also be used as a quick snack between meals as protein helps keep you satiated longer, and pair with a little (yes, a little) natural nut butter to keep you going even longer.

With this one-two punch and some hardcore discipline, you can plan to lose about 10-15 lbs in the next 30 days. So buckle down and get to work, and head to Strong Supplement Shop to grab your supply of Alpha Lean-7 and IsoMorph to get absolutely cut.

**Quick disclaimer: this is not intended to be the answer to your weight loss dreams. A healthy rate of weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week, so understand that rapid weight loss can result in gaining it right back and then some if you go right back to old habits after the 30 days. If you’re looking for a more stable and long term approach to weight loss, check out our True Guide to Fat Loss Here.

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