CBD What’s In It For You

By April 2, 2020 Fitness
You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it, and maybe you’ve even tried it, but one thing is for certain: CBD is the hottest product on the market right now. You’re also probably wondering whether it actually works and how it can benefit you, or if it’s simply just another fad product creating a buzz before it dies out. And with so many forms available – tincture, gummies, and salves, just to name a few – if it is worth the hype, which should you try? Well we wanted to know what all the chatter was about so we dug in and did a little research, below is what we found on the surface.CBD Oil What's In It For You?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, may have gained traction in the wake of the widespread legalization of marijuana, but it’s a far cry from the pot you remember teens smoking in the high school parking lot. CBD comes from hemp which contains no THC, the psychoactive element of marijuana, and its most well-documented benefits include reduced levels of anxiety and pain, as well as increased feelings of calmness and improved sleep 1.

CBD works by affecting your endocannabinoid system (ECS), mimicking naturally occurring molecules in the body. The ECS helps influence processes like immune response (i.e. inflammation), sleep, stress, cardiovascular function, and muscle formation, to name a few 2. CBD specifically has been linked to helping with nausea, pain, and others 2.

As an athlete, you’ve undoubtedly experienced aches and pains from time to time, or maybe even chronically. If that sounds more familiar than you’d like to admit, a topical CBD cream or salve could be your best bet. Studies have shown transdermal CBD to be effective not only for chronic pain relief 3, but also for reducing associated inflammation, which suggests that it could be an alternative to NSAID pain relievers 4.

Alternatively, if you’ve found that exercise alone isn’t enough for stress management, oral CBD products like gummies and oil can help reduce anxiety and related sleep issues. One study of clinical CBD use from 2019 resulted in nearly 80% of participants experiencing decreased anxiety, and 67% experiencing improved sleep, all within a one-month period 5.

The reality is that with the current buzz around CBD, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the claims. While it might not be the cure for all your ailments, it has been shown to be a viable option for chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Given what customers are telling us and asking for you can bet we’ll be upping our offering for CBD products in the very near future. Is CBD for you? Try CBD for yourself now at Strong Supplement Shop.


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