Its Bulking No Its Cutting No, Wait…What is Body Recomposition?

Is Body Recomposition the best type of cycle ever? First off what is body recomposition? How does it compare to bulking or cutting? Why would this be the best choice for you? With so much sales fluff out there on how to workout, what supplements to take and when and what to eat it can be confusing. Let’s break it down and see if recomposition is the best avenue for you or just another fancy catch phrase that dies after it’s 15 minutes of fame.


So what is Body recomposition? Well simply put its losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time. At the same time? Is that even possible? Sounds like a dream. In the past most of the focus has been in one direction or the other; gain muscle (bulk) or lose fat (cut). Very rarely would you see both talked about in the same sentence. Supplements like OstaShred, Androvar and the Future Recomp Stack are changing the way bodybuilders look at body design. Thus changing the possibility of achieving this dream. However it is not just a supplement that gets you these results.


Let’s examine the idea of of simultaneously putting on muscle while reducing your fat. Your body will change by increasing muscle size and density, so your biceps and pectorals become bigger, stronger and harder while your waist becomes smaller and the fat from your abdomen and other areas of your body disappears. What an Amazing idea! Well this idea is a tricky one, and the reason it is mostly a pie in the sky dream is that most people are doing it wrong. They approach body recomposition from just one facet. To achieve the this level of fitness success it takes 3 facets: Diet, Training and Supplementation. If you can do these three things correctly, body recomposition is achievable.


Diet is first on the list. The new calorie counting school of thought has many positives but one negative is people look at it in black and white. Caloric deficit for weight loss and caloric surplus for bulking. Well what about both? The unconventional method that supports body recomposition is doing both. Wait, but how? Well it depends on the next facet to achieving your goal, training. The days you are weight training you eat more, caloric surplus. The days you don’t then you run a deficit. These are the cardio only days or the rest days. Simple and easy, just not what anyone has taught us.


Next is training. As mentioned earlier weight training for the gaining of muscle and cardio for the cutting of fat. Choose your days and make the most out of them. Without going into exact workout routines the idea here is you need to give each one of your muscle groups enough attention to increase your size and strength with an upbeat tempo. The upbeat tempo will keep your heart rate up and allow for fat burn while the lifting will increase your muscle. The lifting should be explosive and fast; conversely the lowering of the weights needs to remain in control and slower.


The final key to achieving body recomp is supplementation. This is an area that gives you a huge edge and can supercharge your goal achievement speeds. Lately with the recent changes in laws in the US the supplement industry has made some dramatic changes and finds. One of those finds is an ingredient called Ostarine. Ostarine is what people are calling a SARM or Select Androgen Receptor Modulator. That’s definitely a mouthful! What does it mean? It selectively interacts with your receptors, choosing the receptors that produce positive effects like muscle gains and fat loss, and does not interact with the other “bad” receptors. End results is you are able to experience muscle gains and fat loss. This ingredient can be found in OstaShred by Hard Rock Supplements. Androvar by Hard Rock is another great recomposition tool which provides more to the consumer with a compound that is up to 5 times stronger and androgenic than testosterone. There is also a stack built around body recomposition called The Future Recomp Stack. All three are great choices that will have you attain the hard sought muscle increases and fat loss quickly.


So fat loss and muscle gains simultaneously is it possible? Yes. Is it easy? No. But what is easy that is worth while? Keep your diet in check, create a solid workout routine and use ground breaking supplements and you’re going to achieve the dream, Full Body Recomposition!




  • Dmitri Lucas says:

    Would like to know more about the supplements.

    • Calum King says:

      Well generally speaking they are all aimed at cutting down fat and building lean muscle. Ostashred works by interacting with the “good” receptors that will work to burn fat and build muscle while avoiding the “bad” receptors that leads to sides. The Future Recomp Stack contains 3 different supplements, 2 of which work to build muscle all while reducing fat. The third to help rejuvenate the body. One of the supplements in the Future Recomp Stack, Androvar by Hard Rock, can be taken with the stack or as a stand alone. Androvar’s ingredient in Epiandrosterone which in logs has shown at doages of approximately 200mgs for 30 days,(Androvar has 300mgs per day for 60 days, which logger says that dosage yields best results) that libido is raised, strength and energy increased and the logger lost 2lbs, however he significantly increased vascularity and muscle hardness. Thus achieving body recomposition, he lost weight and gained muscle simultaneously. Here is the link to the log: Body Recomp Log

  • John says:

    I understand the training and supplementation issue. But, my problem is the dieting. I have an issue when trying to keep tract of calories and such. I would do better with someone just telling me what to eat. Can you assist?

    • James Strong says:

      Hi John- Thank you for your question. You are right to be thinking about diet. Diet is the number one reason many bodybuilders don’t achieve their goals. You need to be disciplined and especially eat the right amount of protein necessary to reach your specific goals. Remember you can’t out train a diet. That said, everyone is different with a different body type, situation and goals; so diets vary. First, I would suggest you call our Pro Support Staff at 888-774-3539 or chat online. They can listen to your specifics and suggest some options. Also, I know this is not a specific answer to your case but checkout this article by one of our writers, Alexandra Wright. It is written for an individual woman but I think it will give you some insights into what a proper diet and diet strategy can look like. Don’t get too excited about the title, but you will find good info there. How to Look Good Naked, Part 1.

  • harun says:

    Do you send it to Turkey. Does the products going through customs?

    • James Strong says:

      Hi Harun-

      Our warehouse and shipping teams are experts at getting things through customs quickly and easily. When you make an order please write any instructions in the comments section of the order page. If there is going to be a known issue with any shipment they will contact you ahead of time and let you know.

      Thank you for your question.

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