Blackstone Labs Drops Triple-Source Protein Powder Amid Ingredient Skimping Concerns

By January 7, 2017 June 23rd, 2017 Bulking, Cutting, Fat Loss, Fitness, HYPE, Natural
3-Whey Blackstone Labs
Fresh off the heals of a string of scandals, including losing its CEO last May and issues surrounding ingredient skimping at Prime Nutrition, Blackstone Labs has come out swinging hard in 2017, releasing an innovative new Protein called 3-Whey. 3-Whey is a unique triple-source protein powder. The three sources come from three different types of whey protein that work together to provide a trifecta of time-released fuel for your muscles post-workout.

3-Whey or No! Way…you judge

Where many other protein blends use several different forms of protein, 3-Whey relies on different sized whey protein molecules to stimulate muscle gains and synthesis long after consumption, completely revamping the way we look at time-release protein blends.

If you’ve followed Blackstone Labs before you know not to count them out – they feed on adversity. President PJ Braun has built a loyal following by providing products customers approve of.

3-Whey BSL

Look for 3-Whey to hit shelves at Strong Supplement Shop in early January.


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