There’s a big, fat misconception that you have to eat like a pig to get big.

Then, when you’re as big as a pig, you diet off the fat.


If you look at old pic of Arnold or Serge or Zane you can see that they were never fat.

They might have been poofy, they might have held water, they might have been a little smooth but they were never FAT. You could always see their lines and definition.

So if they were never fat did they know something that modern slobs don’t know?

Yes, they did. They knew that a lean body responds to stimuli much better than a fat body.

Lean body + exercise + hardcore supplements = drastic results.

Fat body + exercise + hardcore supplements = drastic side effects.

Bad Guy Bodybuilding Rule #1…

If bad guys got fat they wouldn’t be bad guys anymore, they’d be normal guys.

Normal guys don’t reap the rewards of having the physique of a statue, they sit around wondering what Becky sees in Billy Badass.

Here’s the battle cry of the bad guy…

Do what it takes.

Here’s the battle cry of the normal guy…

Complain, complain, complain but never change.

So back to the fat of the article…

If your goal is to look good with your shirt off you never get fat!

Fat is gross and there’s no reason to ever get fat, unless you want to call yourself a powerlifter (real powerlifters have numbers to prove it, not just love-handles).

If you want to be lean and big and stay that way there is only one way to do it…


So if you’re a fatass you need to be lean before you start eating to get big.

Bulking is what you do to cattle before sending them to slaughter.

Bodybuilders don’t bulk, they eat for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to get bigger, sometimes it’s to get leaner but it’s always according to the mirror.

Eating to see the scale move up is a recipe to get fat.


If you can’t take off your shirt any day of the year and hear people say “wow!” then you aren’t a bodybuilder, you’re just a fat guy.

So you don’t eat until you explode. You start lean, then you grow lean. When you start to get too fat you adjust calories or you add cardio.

How do you know if you’re too fat?

If you can’t see lines you are too fat. If you can’t see top four abdominals you are too fat.

Bodybuilding isn’t a game of who can eat the most and then diet hardest, it’s a game of looking the part every day.

So always start lean to get big.

Fat makes your body work worse. Your body works better when it’s lean.

Hardcore supplements were invented to put mass on people who were sickly or starving. They work on a lean body far better than they work on a fat body.

So if you can’t see at least the top four abs here is what you do…

You diet your fat ass down to acceptable levels.

What’s an acceptable level?

You can see abs and lines. Weight and body fat percentage are irrelevant.

When you take off your shirt in front of Becky at the beach she should say “wow!”.

That’s where your body fat needs to be – wow level.

Again, body fat percentage and weight ARE NOT RELEVANT.

They say bodybuilding is about illusion, it’s not about weight and body-fat %.

You get these fucking morons who tell you “you need to wait until you’re at least 200 lbs before you use harder supplements!

Those morons don’t know what they’re talking about. Each of you reading this are a different height.

I’m 6 feet tall and every time I’ve been over 200 lbs I’ve been FAT.

Here’s a picture of me. I’m exactly 6 feet tall. Guess how much I weigh….
When people ask me how much I weigh, I say “how much do you think I weigh?”.

They say “you weigh about 220, 225”.

I say “I’m 180 lbs“. 

Their eyes widen and they say “wtf? How are you gigantic? You look way bigger”.

I look big as fuck because you can see my muscles. On most people you cannot see any muscles under their layer of blubber.

If you chase the weight you’re going to get fat. The mirror is what matters!

When you look at boxers and UFC fighters at weigh-ins, when they’re lean, shredded and bulging with muscle.

Know what the guys in the picture above all have in common?

They all weigh exactly 145 lbs in those pictures.

Weight doesn’t matter, eyes matter! So get that damn fat off your body and look the part.

The Anti Fatass Diet

The anti fatass diet has been used extensively by me to get rid of the fat.
Here’s your diet if you’re too fat and you need get lean…

  • Meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal, 8-10 egg whites 
  • Meal 2: 10 oz Chicken breast, 8 oz Potatoes 
  • Meal 3: 1 cup oatmeal, 8-10 egg whites 
  • Meal 4: 10 oz Chicken breast, 8 oz Potatoes
  • Meal 5: 8-10 oz lean Beef, a lot of asparagus 

Diet Notes

  • You may substitute cooked egg whites for 1 container liquid egg whites – which you may drink.
  • Slice the chicken breast up into small pieces and cook in a pan with rice bran oil, season with sea salt and black pepper.
  • Slice the potato into quarter inch think ‘chips’ and fry with light oil, season with sea salt and black pepper.
  • Any other green veggies will work.
  • Enjoy.

The diet works because it’s low calorie. Follow that diet until the fat is gone. 

On Saturday afternoon you can eat any meal you like. But ONLY on Saturday afternoon. Then it’s right back to the grind.

You need to make sure and get all your meals in within a few hours of each other.

The danger of eating small meals is that when you miss a meal or wait too long to eat you get extremely hungry and you’re apt to overeat.

So don’t miss a meal, follow the plan as it’s laid out, hit the gym and lift 4 or more days per week.

When you’re getting lean, when the diet is going good, when you want go into overdrive and get nasty shredded and bulging at the seams, you add in…


You add in 2 caps daily Osta Shred to get nasty shredded, ripped and bulging. One cap in the morning, one cap in the evening.

When you’re ripped up and want to get big you add in…


I’ll tell you next time. You need to be lean before you play with the “get big” ingredients.

Your goal, until next time, get those damn abs showing.

Everyone knows dieting sucks. But so does being fat.

And if you don’t get lean you will never get to hear…..


-The Bad Guy

PS – Don’t forget the Osta Shred.


  • Sparks says:

    You have 2 broken links at the top of the page

  • Alex says:

    That diet seems pretty good. I love the results I get from steak and eggs, the fat always melts off almost instantly. However, it’s nice to experiment with different things and see if you get similar or better results. Eating the same thing every day like both of these diets is also convenient. Since you know exactly what you need to buy, you’re in and out of the supermarket. You can also cook in bulk instead of preparing meals daily. Nothing like getting shredded while saving time and hassle. Thanks for the article/advice, Victor.


  • Joe says:

    Love this post! I have you Body of a Spartan and agree 100% with what you say. My question is, doesa this work for us older “Masters”? I’m 52 been lifting on and off since my Air Force days and need to lose weight (say 20-30 lbs.).

    • Victor Pride says:

      Yes, the diet works for anyone. It’s a low calorie diet, it’s impossible to not lose weight eating low calories.

  • Rachid says:

    Yeah lean and clean.
    Keep the good work

  • Jerry says:

    Great article, thank you!

    I’m 6’4 what would be my ideal weight range to see the abs? I’m 42-44 chest and 34 inseam.

  • ThePussyGoblin says:

    Bad Guy,

    I’m typing this reply on a laptop that’s resting on my Santa Claus like gut. I’ve been doing a version of GOMAD/ Buffet style eating for over two years and justified this by seeing my body get larger and my strength shoot through the roof. The truth of this article hurts..but it’s what I needed to read.

    Any regular gym goer could see me shirtless and recognize I am a “mass monster”. But, by poolside I could be just referred to as a muscle whale…. or big gut shapely guy? Thank you for writing this and encouraging me to put down the gallon of milk. I look forward to heading to the grocery store and start following your diet to see my dick again.

    Here’s from hearing shrieks/panic of MASS-zilla – to “WOW” that guy looks great and wouldn’t suffocate me with his mass.



    • It’s not worth it Goblin. When I was at my heaviest following something similar to your Gomad diet, I still had at least a solid four pack ab and good intercostals showing. It didn’t matter. Everyone that didn’t know me thought I was fat. Basically because at 205 and 5’5″ drug free, I was fat. Get lean brother! It’s a better way to live.

  • Good god that is a low fat diet. For me personally and many of the people I’ve helped, extended periods of low fat have brought on varying areas of pain when lifting heavy. I’m only talking about “supplement free” people. Have you found that your preferred supps help in that area?

    I agree 100% with your over all theory. At 5’5″ I have pushed myself to over 200 pounds several different times to compete in different weight classes. Being drug, I mean “supplement” free I would always carry more fat than I wanted. I stay at about 180 now. I am slowly getting leaner by the week and am almost as strong I as was at 205. Pound for pound I am killin all my best numbers. Get lean, grow lean, stay lean. It’s a better way!

  • Jason says:

    Good read. I know a singer who looks huge and ripped and only weighs 70 kilos.

    That picture is badass. What is the original source of the army picture?

  • Someone says:

    Victor, this is obviously an advertorial. We do understand that this is the way you’re making money, but still…
    You should let people know when you’re advertising and when not. It’s what honest people do!
    Otherwise, where would the PRIDE be?

  • Nate says:

    I’ve always been super impressed by the shape of MMA fighters. Every time I see them weighing in, my thought is something like “oh, that’s what 185lbs is supposed to look like.”

    I’ve followed the “you gotta eat everything in sight, bro” advice before and it resulted in my body weight climbing faster than my lifts, haha.

    A lean body does work so much better with Improved insulin sensitivity and lower estrogen, being just a couple advantages. It’s also much easier to stay lean once you get there.

    Great article Vic and thanks for the introduction to this supplement. I’ve been doing some research and it seems absolutely amazing!

    • Victor Pride says:

      “Great article Vic and thanks for the introduction to this supplement. I’ve been doing some research and it seems absolutely amazing!”

      It is. One of the top 2 or 3 available.

  • Sundeep Sen says:

    Hey Victor,

    I’ve been following the Steak and Eggs diet for 1.5 months and I dropped 15 lbs and getting leaner and meaner. My strength has gone through the roof. Not sure if I’d want to follow the above get lean diet….maybe not yet…im loving my diet right now!

  • Ja'Rod says:

    Good stuff as always Vic. Thanks.

  • tim madigan says:

    hey victor- great article! my daughter does a version of this diet and she looks amazing!(she did body building for shape magazine). i like the diet and i am off to the store for some of the items i don;t have. thank you!

  • Dave says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the fact that weight doesn’t matter Vic. My first year seriously lifting I gained 50lbs (having been a very skinny ectomorph all my life). Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t hard to do. I just ate everything in sight and drank like 3 protein shakes a day. When people ask me about it now I admit that “most of it was fat.” I went from 155lbs to 205lbs and yes, I did gain a pile of muscle but I was fat. 7 years later I am only 180-185lbs but at the same body fat percentage as when I started. Building muscle takes time. I look way better at 180-185 than I did at 205. Sometimes I still get thinking that I should be moving the scale up, but your’re right: that’s just the result of bodybuilding brainwashing. It’s what you see in the mirror that matters.

  • dillon says:

    Lost some respect for you Victor not gonna lie. I spent money on Body of a Spartan that says supplements are shit except for maybe liver tabs, but here you are on a whole different website called strong supplements. I see it as just another act of making money which is disappointing. Also in BOAS, you tell fatsos to eat twice a day, no carbs etc and now you’re saying eat 5 times a day with potatoes? You just give many different types of advice and contradict yourself a lot maybe so you can keep writing articles and making money? I thought you were different man, I know you do everything right to make money, but contradicting yourself isn’t respectable.

    • Victor Pride says:

      Different diets can work, shocking as it sounds. In fact ALL diets work. Until you figure that out you have no business conversing with me.

    • Pierre-Marc says:

      Try to think and understand that the diet featured in BOAS, like everything else in the book, is what it is because that’s what Victor was doing when he developed the program.

      He put the training and the diet he was doing back then that gave him great results and put it in a book for us to experiment.

      That doesn’t mean it’s the only possible to go man.

      By the way, Osta Shred is not like an other normal supplement like bcaa of whey, it is a fucking androgen receptor modulator, its really effective and if used correctly it can give you steroid like results, I’m personally using it right now and I’m very pleased.

      So the fact that you are confused doesn’t mean that he is contradicting himself. Just saying.

    • blayde says:

      i’ve never used any bodybuilding supplements in my life including protein powders. Ive been stalling at the gym after 2.5 years and thought about using steroids but kept putting it off.

      after seeing vic mention osta, anafuse, super dmz in his post, i went to and bought a bottle of each.
      Im one week into the Osta Shred cycle and my weight has jumped 5lbs. In fact when i weighed myself i had spandex underwear and a hat on that i thought were filled with LEAD!! I had to get buck naked and reweigh myself Immediately cuz i thought for sure i had lost weight with the way my serratus were popping!
      Strength remains the same but my muscles are much harder and fuller. My girlfriend has noticed i have an increased sex drive as well as increased recovery time. My mom asked if i needed new shirts.
      Thank you vic for the no-bullshit supplement advice. I trust your word and cant wait to start my anafuse and dmz cycles.

      • Pierre-Marc says:

        Hey man keep one month worth of osta shred and use it in your pct after your dmz cycle!! it will help you keep your gains and lower estrogen post cycle!

  • I.A.A.M. says:



  • Dave says:

    What about animal fat creating testosterone, that’s a low fat diet? And what about Intemittent fasting? What about Eating one meal per day like a lion? And selling out to some shitty product… Really? You seem to change your mind a lot. Been following your blog for 3 years but this just makes me disappointed

    • Victor Pride says:

      “What about animal fat creating testosterone, that’s a low fat diet?”

      What? Speak english.

      • Jack Herer says:

        Don´t you understand the “sarcasm” Mr. Victor “Pride”?. Like a whore you just change the ideas posted for money. That guy just told you what i have been finding nowadays from you, i have been following you but you don´t have any authority anymore. Yes, you might get new dumb followers every day, but the real “loyals” are just turning the back silently on you.

        Don’t you remember when you talked sh1t about eating 5 meals a day?, do you want me to copy-paste the link from Bold&D where you said it?.

        Typical gringo, changing the ideas posted for money to confuse dumb people.

        • Victor Pride says:

          “Don’t you remember when you talked sh1t about eating 5 meals a day?, do you want me to copy-paste the link from Bold&D where you said it?.”

          Go ahead. Post the date of publication as well.

          “Typical gringo, changing the ideas posted for money to confuse dumb people.”

          I have succeeded wildly in confusing dumb people (you).

        • Connor says:

          Yeah, Vic isn’t the same man he used to be. Whether it’s for better or for worse, that’s subjective.
          I definitely prefer his older articles, style, and raw enthusiasm over what he’s doing now. He definitely has shifted from a man who put quality content first and product advertisement/promotion second to the exact opposite, but honestly, there isn’t much you can do about it.
          Complaining about it won’t change anything, and even if Vic decided to “go back to how he used to be”, it wouldn’t be as genuine or real anymore. He has no need to go back to how he used to be, it’s not a necessity.
          Whereas I respected Vic at one time as a guy worth getting great advice from, I now respect him as a businessman first who gives advice on the side.
          On a side note, I also follow the 1-2 meals a day with high amounts of fat and protein with no carbs like Vic said in the past, but high fat isn’t necessarily a necessity when you take exogenous test. That’s probably why Vic eats lean meat and carbs more often now, and since he probably has more leisure time than he did in the past, he can eat 5 meals now if he wants.
          I prefer IF, but no one stays the same forever.

        • Cesar says:

          Jack Herrer you are a DUMB FUCK.


    • Pierre-Marc says:

      you don’t have to eat like that for the rest of your life mate.

  • Connor says:

    The diet you have laid out here is very different from what I’ve been following the past few months. My diet has been IF with 1-2 meals a day at most with high fat/protein and no carbs, kind of like what you had articles on over at B&D about steak and eggs. The only exception is that I eat many other protein sources and I’ve added vegetables.
    When I started, I was 225. As of right now, I’m sitting at around 190 and my lifts have all increased, but I’ve been barely eating at all. I only eat once a day now (dinner, I’m in school and I don’t eat there) and it’s usually a can of tuna, some nuts, and maybe a bowl of beans/salmon/a chicken breast/beef or steak (usually only one on that list of protein sources a day) and that’s it for the entire day. Somehow I’m still managing to increase my lifts and lose weight, but I’m curious, is that sustainable? Should I be adding more food into my diet?
    On the weekends I eat two meals, but I’ve just been slowly eating less and less the past few weeks and I’m curious to know if I should be eating more. Thanks!

    • Victor Pride says:

      “On the weekends I eat two meals, but I’ve just been slowly eating less and less the past few weeks and I’m curious to know if I should be eating more.”

      You gotta look at your energy levels and you gotta look in the mirror to decide when to eat more.

  • Xavier says:

    Do you have advise on maintaining strength while getting lean?

  • James says:

    Victor, I’m allergic to eggs. Is there a good replacement? For now I just eat a lot of steak, chicken and potatoes.

  • Sergio says:

    Hey Vic, nice article. True for centuries passed and centuries to come; bad guys don’t fat, never fat. The diet portion works magic though one thing’s left out. Water. It’s common sense but making it conscious goes a long as 73% of lean muscle mass is water. Empty a 500ml bottle as soon as you open your eyes at 5am, five more over the day, top it off with the core anti fatass diet, lift weights, kick some ass and be the bad guy. Checkn’ out my email daily not to miss good stuff, keep’em comn’ Vic.

  • ASF says:

    Lots of small minded posts here. “You sold out man!” Whatever. When I don’t agree with someone, I don’t write a comment about it. I see if there is anything useful in what they write that I can try, and the rest I ignore. The mass of people will never get it, which is good, because that’s how Victor makes his money (disclosure: have bought BOAS).

    Vic, the supplement listed in this post contains ostarine. I assume you have tried either this supplement, or ostarine itself. From doing a bit of research, it appears that ostarine can shut down test production, but I suspect this is not an issue if you’re already running exogenous test. In your experience, has the use of ostarine-containing substances had a negative effect on you, i.e. counteracted the effect of exogenous test, which I also assume you are on? Of course I won’t know for myself until I try it, which I will.

    • Victor Pride says:

      I use TRT base, but my understanding is that ostarine does not shut down natural test production.

      • blayde says:

        Im currently using osta shred. I feel like my T is slightly suppressed meaning: I dont wake up rock hard like i used to and dont have the urge to jack off. Yet, when my gf is around i am still able to fuck her like a god.

        side note: my gf mentioned my voice has deeper and my stubble comes in thicker.

  • Armando says:

    Victor, have you heard anything on blurred vision with the ostra?

    • Victor Pride says:


    • D Train says:

      I read this blurred vision stuff somewhere a long time ago, but ostarine is being used much more lately and no one has reported anything like this. Plus, I just ran Osta Shred for 8 weeks not one side effect at all.

      I am not saying that this is not a possible side effect, but I think that only happens if you start hitting excessive doses like 35+ mg a day for an extended period of time. I have really only heard of this happening and being a concern for other SARMS that have no where near as much research as osta. Ostarine is the only one out there that is worth touching in my opinion considering how much info is out there on it now, and the amount of time it has been used (which is not just a few months).

      25mg is the sweet spot dose, which is what osta shred has.

      From what I have read Osta is just mildly suppressive, and usually not noticeable. I never once felt lethargic or had a lack of libido, in fact, junior has been a bit overactive lately. 🙂

      ASF, you really don’t have to worry too much when running Osta, I believe that it is the constant stimulation of you androgen receptors that causes your body to slightly take its foot off the gas pedal, but your body is not hitting the breaks. Testosterone shutdown is highly unlikely since you are not getting hormones from an exogenous source.

  • GettingLean says:

    Victor, starting this diet next week. I lift at 5:30pm each day, will the steak and asparagus meal (meal 5) be sufficient for my PWO meal? (Assuming I get all the other 4 meals in prior to gym.) Sidenote: On TRT.

    • Victor Pride says:

      What does PWO stand for? Pre-workout or Post-workout? I would eat beef veggies pre and eat oats eggs post.

      • GettingLean says:

        Oh good question haha, sorry for not clarifying. I meant Post-workout. Thanks man, that’s kind of what I thought, I figured the carbs (oats) with eggs would be more beneficial post.

  • ConnectR says:

    Why’d you start using supplements if they’re all shit? And side effects of using it on an 18 year old?

  • Chris says:

    Do you have an opinion about visceral fat? I’m 5 8 and have gone as high as 190lbs with a full set of abs, but with a lot of “bulging” underneath. People have told me that my body is just apt to store fat in this manner. I certainly wasn’t strong enough to justify being 190lbs of leanness either. Just want to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Matt B says:

    Victor, with your diet, do you eat that same meal plan on a rest day or vary it slightly?

  • Brian says:

    Victor, if you had to pick 1 way to eat to lose 50 pounds of fat, would it be this low fat 5 meals a day with carbs…..or 2 meals a day with low carbs and plenty of fat and protein? Thank you.

  • Walt says:

    Oh man, day after day of salt and pepper chicken breast…..

    Curry powder, pesto, chilli or garlic have to be viable alternatives to plain old s&p. They wouldn’t add much in terms of calories.

    Or is the salt and pepper for a special reason I haven’t thought of?

    • Victor Pride says:

      “Or is the salt and pepper for a special reason I haven’t thought of?”

      No, you can garlic and curry and whatever to make it edible.

  • NZ Hardcore says:

    Hey Vic great advice. Do you mix your egg whites and oats together or eat them seperate i also assume you don’t add sugar or milk to your oats

  • Shade Zero says:

    Here is the best way I’ve found to cook chicken breast that is quick and you don’t have to worry about it cooking all the way through.. If you have a ceramic pan you don’t need to use oil to prevent it from sticking, but otherwise, use your non-stick spray of choice.

    -Set pan on medium heat (I do roughtly 5-6) and let it warm up.
    -While the pan warms up cut the chicken breast up using kitchen sheers into roughly 1-1&1/2″ sized pieces. Rinse chicken and dry off.
    -Pan should be warm by now. Do a light spray of your non-stick spray if you need to. throw the chicken on in the pan and cover with a tight lid.
    -Takes 12 minutes and you can pull it off. It will be cooked all the way through so you don’t have to worry about it being undercooked. Sure it will be more brown on one side, but you don’t have to flip because the steam will help cook the other side. You won’t win any prizes for presentation but it gets the job done.


  • Connor says:

    How would you correct muscular imbalances?
    Bench, Overhead Press, Squat, Deadlift, you name it. One side is always higher than the other.
    My left arm is higher on Overhead Press but my right arm is higher on Bench Press. I occasionally push my hip to the right on Squats. My left arm is lower when I do Barbell Curls. It fluctuates depending on the exercise, and as a result, my right bicep (although the same size measurement wise compared to my left) is much more defined and visually larger.

  • Pat says:

    I agree with most everything you say except that weight not mattering, at least in the case of fighters. Its kinda the reason we have weight classes, this is coming from a BJJ athlete.

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