Ar1macare Pro Bulkers Protection Or Smoke From Mount Olympus

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Bulking season is finally upon us, and many will start planning their cycles and diets as they head into the long winter months. In light of recent industry rumors, it seems that Olympus UK is taking the season head on this year. Following the reports of a new estrogen blocker and updates to their PCT, sources have confirmed they’ll also be making changes to their popular on-cycle support product, Ar1macare Pro.

Ar1macare ProSo far, we’ve heard that it will be upgraded to feature the same, yet unnamed aromatase inhibitor that Sup3r PCT and El1minate promise. This compound is billed as a more comprehensive approach to the on- and post-cycle formulas, boasting the ability to help regulate the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. During an anabolic cycle your body will be in testosterone overdrive, and adding on-cycle therapy that contains an aromatase inhibitor prevents extra estrogen from accumulating, thereby helping to minimize nasty side effects like water retention, excess fat storage, and even the dreaded gyno.

Research surround the compound suggests that it also aids in the reduction of bad cholesterol, in addition to possessing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These are crucial to improved recovery as you push your body to new limits during your intense training.


Ar1macare Pro will also see enhancements in the form of Aged Garlic extract and Milk Thistle. Aged Garlic extract has been proven to possess both antioxidative and antimicrobial properties 1, and even helps improve circulation while reducing hypertension 2.Ar1macare Pro Milk Thistle is a common ingredient in both on- and post-cycle products for its potent detoxification and liver supporting abilities 3. 

While we haven’t managed to snag a release date yet, sources say that the updated Ar1macare Pro should be released in time for those running anabolic cycles this season to take advantage of the improved formula. As always, subscribe to Strong Supplement Shop to be the first to get news on the release of Ar1macare Pro and other industry updates.


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