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Ignite Your Anabolic Furnace


Anabolic Alchemy is here!

Get Ready to Ignite Your Anabolic Furnace! Bulking up has just taken a quantum leap forward!

From the company that brought you the best-selling muscle building supplements Epi 2a3a and Halo-V, Vital Labs introduces a new sensation to the muscle building arena.

Strong Supplement Shop presents Anafuse by Vital Labs – the first ever Dual Agent Bulking Stack designed to help you add muscle, AND KEEP IT. Anafuse features a flawless fusion of recently discovered anabolics to create muscle building synergy: a combination of anabolics that will turn the tables on what you thought was possible without the nasty side effects. Anafuse combines all the factors necessary for adding serious lean hard muscle mass to your frame, and gives it to you in one complete formula!

How does Anafuse Help You Bulk Up?

The ingredients in Anafuse work to push your muscles beyond their limits by enhancing your body’s ability to resist muscle fatigue, which promotes significant increases in muscle endurance and exercise capacity. Get ready to set new personal records!

It also promotes mass gains by inhibiting and reducing myostatin – a protein that actually limits your body’s genetic potential for muscle growth. Shatter Your Genetic Muscle Building Potential!

Anafuse accelerates your body’s ability repair muscle, producing new, stronger, and more dense muscle!

Key Benefits of Anafuse:

  • Supports Mass Gains*
  • Helps Increase Muscle Hardness*
  • Helps Reduce Body Fat*
  • Supports Increases in Muscle Endurance*
  • Helps Increase Strength*
  • Protein Synthesis Amplifier*
  • All Natural Formula*
*WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Always consult a licensed practitioner prior to starting any diet and/or exercise program. Consult a physician or licensed qualified healthcare professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement, or seizure disorder, or if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI or any other drug or over-the-counter drug containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylopropanolamine (ingredients found in certain allergy, asthma, cough or cold, and weight control products).
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Innovative & Powerful
A New Approach to Building Hard Lean Muscle


A Flavanol found in certain plants which acts as an antioxidant that helps decrease Myostatin*


An anabolic building block which your body uses as a blueprint to create its own anabolics*

Vitamin D3

Essential for muscle health and increased protein synthesis*.

Fructus Schisandrae

A plant for increasing resistance to disease, increasing physical performance and energy*

Review by Robert**

I have to say I am pleased with this supplement.

I toke[took] this for 28 days so far and i have had great results. After I leave the gym I am swole for like 2 hours. Also I am half as sore as I usually am, this is good because I have squuezed[squeezed] in an extra day a week in the gym. I just got my second bottle and I am planning on running it for a total of 60 days/2 bottles. So far I have put on 5lbs of high quality muscle. Strength is up. Of course no sides at all. No cycle assit[assist] needed! Hoping the results continue…


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Robert Verified Buyer January 2, 2015
  • I have to say I am pleased with this supplement.
    I toke this for 28 days so far and i have had great results. After I leave the gym I am swole for like 2 hours. Also I am half as sore as I usually am, this is good because I have squuezed in an extra day a week in the gym. I just got my second bottle and I am planning on running it for a total of 60 days/2 bottles. So far I have put on 5lbs of high quality muscle. Strength is up. Of course no sides at all. No cycle assit needed! Hoping the results continue...
John W. Verified Buyer October 14, 2015
Multiple product review/log
  • Facts – I am a 47 year old male. Been athletically active most of my life, but had foot surgery about a year ago, and had been having problems with foot for a couple years prior. Had fallen into mostly running for working out since most people my age focus on cardio type workouts. Found that I still really enjoyed lifting rather than cardio, and could do a lot more rather than taxing my bad foot with running. I also have 2 tears in my meniscus and 2 herniated discs in my neck. Not going to be either a marathon runner, or a power lifter anymore. But just trying to get back in shape. Hit a wall after a few months, and began to wonder if my testosterone was too low. I have a friend who is on Testosterone Replacement Therapy with a doctor, and he is very muscular for his age. So I thought about going that route, but when I found the Anafuse & Ostashred program, decided to give that a try, and it definitely worked.

    Product List (caps per day): Anafuse (4), Ostashred (2), LGD Elite (3), Andro the Giant (3), Protex (2). Creatine – 10 to 20 G per day.
    PCT: Post Cycle 3x (4), DAA max (4), Reduce XT (2), Viron(1), Continue Anafuse (4)

    Workouts – 45 minutes to 1.5 hours 6 days per week. Mostly dumbell work – at home and office. In a sense that is remarkable – that I got these results without going to the gym or with any trainer.

    Starting weight 204.2 Ending weight: 200.6
    Took Fat Calipers at Belly, Chest and Thigh to calculate Body fat percentage – I am not an expert at this, but did it many times, and the difference is pretty accurate – won’t swear to the absolute percentage as I have a lot of belly fat and no leg fat.

    July 22 - Started around 22% body fat = 44.9 Lbs fat 159.3 Rest. .

    September 19 - Ended around 16% = 32. lbs fat 168.6 Rest of it.

    Resultant calculation:
    Lost 12.9 pounds of fat
    Added 9.3 pounds of muscle

    Measurements Start End Gains
    Arm (right) 16.5 17.125 +5/8”
    Chest 46.5 47 +1/2”
    Waist 38 36.25 - 1 ¾”
    Hips 35.75 35 -3/4”
    Legs 23.875 24.125 +1/4”

    The arm dimension is probably the largest as not as much fat to lose there. Probably gained an inch or so of muscle in chest area, but lost some of the fat that was padding it.

    At start of Ostashred and Anafuse cycle, felt really great and was able to work out a lot harder. In a sense, I could attribute the gains to how much harder I was able to work out – but since I couldn’t work out that hard before the supplements, they at least work in that sense, and the gains come. After about 3 weeks, I felt so perfectly free of any side effects, I wanted to try adding in some of the stronger products, and I really like the lack of side effects that come with SARMS, so I tried LGD elite. But in reading about it, the recommendation was to add a test base, so also started Andro the Giant. But the problem there is, the Andro will shut you down. Definitely did experience some shut down here, and I did experience some mood issues. Nothing I couldn’t handle, and my work was truly stressful, so it could be more that than the supplements. Now, to be fair on the shutdown – never had any sexual performance problems while on cycle – but I did time my Andro if I expected my wife to be frisky. In PCT now, appetite down a bit, and I take a minute to respond – but all the plumbing is fine. Could be due to DAA max and Viron. First couple of days of PCT did result in some mood swings and a little lethargy – but I did get through workouts. In second week now, and I feel pretty good – but still taking Anafuse, creatine and some arginine, all of which is contributing to workout energy. I am confident everything will work out fine in the PCT.

    So, I would think this level of Recomp is pretty amazing, and to be honest my diet was good, but not perfect. Usually ate around 2500 to 3000 calories per day – which is about my maintenance level without exercise. Recovery and healing was really awesome – which is one of the major benefits of LGD elite. About 1 week into the cycle, I was feeling so good, I did heavy bench 2 days in a row, which strained my bad left shoulder. Was able heal up quickly enough to continue with dumbbell work, which I can adjust to work around the weak spot. Also was at the beach and went body surfing in rough waves – got face planted by a big wave, which should have done a number on my lower back, but I was fine. The workout routine I do includes a fair amount of deadlifts, which did put stress on my lower back, but it did just keep healing and recovering in a day or 2. Due to my age and these potential for injuries, I did not put my strength to the test on heavy squat or bench press, but I was able to make solid progress in number of reps and increases in dumbbell weights. But remember, I am just an ordinary guy trying to get back in real good shape at in his late forties. Not a bodybuilder or power lifter. The final result oriented item: ran a 5 k without training, same race as I ran exactly 1 year ago, and beat that time by a minute and a half. Yes I am in generally better shape than I was 1 year ago, but really have not been running, so the stamina effects are there as well.

    I think the results are magnificent since I have had trouble making gains at my age, and while I can’t say there were no side effects, they were pretty minimal. I think the shutdown issue is going to vary from person to person, as will the mood effects, but in my experience, very manageable and moderate. So far, no troubles in PCT probably because of good support supplements, and also just less shutdown from SARMS. When I was in college I did 2 cycles, but no one told me about PCT (and no internet then to research). So, after the 2nd cycle ended I hit a major depression and just couldn’t get motivated to work for a couple months and lost all the gains. So I decided to go natural at that point, which worked in my 20s and 30s.

    Final comment is I really appreciate the responsiveness from Joe and the team at Strong Supplements – without their help, I am certain I would have made some costly mistakes here. That support is a real selling point to order from their site, and it builds loyalty.

    Photos – The first just shows how out of shape I got after foot surgery and just letting it all go for a good year or so. July photo is after 5 months of some cardio and 2-3 resistance workouts per week – about 3 weeks of creatine – but before “Strong Supplements”. 9-19-15 photo is after 8 weeks of cycle. 4 weeks Anafuse + Ostashred – then 4 weeks continued those and added LGD elite and Andro the Giant.
The Dude Verified Buyer November 11, 2015
Subtle Effect
  • 51 years old and long time supplement user. Have finished one bottle and started on a second bottle. I'm not convinced that all the glowing reports on here can be attributed solely to the use of Anafuse. I have added 2.5 lbs of lean muscle after using one bottle combined with Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer (which I'm happy about), but it wasn't until I stacked in GAT Jetmass, isa tori bio gro and a good pre-workout NO supplement that I started to see true gains, "mad pumps" and increased endurance. From what I've seen, the product has a gradual effect of leaning out the body, but does not warrant the high cost. Your mileage may vary, but this product should be selling in the $25 range. Just my opinion folks.
  • No side effects
  • High Cost
Larry Beck Verified Buyer February 13, 2015
AnaFuse by Vital Labs
  • I am really amazed of what is happening using this product. I am all most at 4 weeks with it and I can not believe how good it is working - and with no side effects . I all ways liked Vital Labs products . I am 54 years old and if I can grow with this at this age - I couldn't imagine being younger on this stuff. I truly recommend this product !.
chad Verified Buyer August 27, 2015
great product
  • I'm 42, 5'6" and was 165lbs. I have been working out on and off (mostly on) all my adult life. I wanted a product I could get results from without having to do a pct after. I texted the number on the website and this was their recommendation. I'm very happy with my results. My main goal was strength gain in my bench press. My max increased from 265lbs to 285lbs in the 8 weeks I was on Anafuse. I gained about 6lbs, gained about 1 1/2 inches in my chest and back girth. No side effects.
  • does what it was supposed to do, help me gain strength
  • can I wish it was a little cheaper? other than that I have no complaints
Dustin Verified Buyer February 8, 2015
  • i notice massive muscle hardening in a short period of time, i know this is from the anafuse because this is the only supplement/ product i am using
Dustin Verified Buyer February 12, 2015
Exceeded Expectations
  • Started at 184lbs at 2 pills with am breakfast and 2 pills 1-2hrs before working out, off days 2 pills 6-8hrs from first dose. First two weeks I did not notice much except a tiny increase in leg endurance. Week three after a 2 day weekend i walked in the gym and instantly had to up my weights 15POUNDS from the week prior. Gains continued going up. Week 4 comes around i weigh in at 192lbs and 1% lower BF. At week 6 weigh in at 198. Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Barbell curls up 20+pounds for more reps than at week 3-4. Currently on week 7 going into 8 weighing in at 200.3lbs. Diet was clean most of the time a cheat meal every 2 weeks. At 6 pills per day now, finishing my cycle with DTP workouts.
  • Muscle gain
    Loss of body fat
  • Price high but worth every penny
Ethereal Verified Buyer April 23, 2015
Good Stuff!
  • I would rate the strength gains up there with my all time favorites like E-pol. YEAH, THAT GOOD! No sides or no PCT just good effects! I thought there was no life after prohormones. WRONG, it actually got better!
  • Strength gains, muscle gains, no sides, no PCT needed, no gyno, no worries.
  • Nothing!
William Verified Buyer May 13, 2015
to the next level
  • Wow I must say that Anafuse really helped me push past my plateau! I ran an 8 week cycle with Osta Shred to lean out a little. It really helped me work longer and harder, I didn't really feel a big gain in strength but my endurance was phenomenal! I have kept or gained the muscle that I had prior to this cycle and have lost a good amount of body fat too. I would highly recommend this if you are looking to get cut.
Damon Verity Verified Buyer February 16, 2015
AnaFuse by Vital Labs
  • Awesome product that keeps on giving. Got some mad pumps and strength from this def use it again!
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Supplement Facts

Read Anafuse Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 2 Capsules
 Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving%DV
Vitamin D3 500 iu 125%

Proprietary Blend:

Schisandra Chinensis (Fruit)



1150mg **
Piperine (Standardized 20%) 12.5mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Gelatin (capsule), Stearic Acid, Rice Powder  

Directions for use: As a dietary supplement, take 1­-2 servings per day. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur and consult a physician. DO NOT EXCEED 4 CAPSULES IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD.

Top10 Supplements

Anafuse – The Only Supplement to be Named to Two Top 10 Lists
This all botanical product has surpassed our expectations. In its first year of release it immediately grabbed the attention of the fitness community and was ordered again and again in rapid succession. That buying activity was a major reason it made number 3 on the Top 10 Bulking Supplements for 2015 list. Early the next year it was no surprise the all natural Anafuse became the number 1 ranked Natural Anabolic on the Top 10 Natural Anabolic Supplement List. Anafuse continues to build steam and is a top seller due to the large number of customer repurchases.


Losing fat and especially losing weight means less caloric intake, which can sometimes mean you are not getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Stack Anafuse to make sure you get all the right nutrients.
When losing fat protein requirements are often neglected as we work to shred and cut calorie intake. Not getting the 1g to 1.5g per pound of body weight in protein suggested by many trainers can actually cause you to start to lose muscle.