Aftershock by Myogenix – Anabolic Window Muscle Mass Marvel or Richter Scale Wreckage

By January 14, 2017 June 23rd, 2017 Bulking, Cutting, Fitness, HYPE

Aftershock by Myogenix has been the cult favorite post workout among serious bodybuilders for a while.

During the rumbles of the recent protein and ingredient skimping scandals affecting many Major brands, Aftershock stood unaffected. Probably because Myogenix has never been a hardcore marketing company, choosing to rather to put the money into quality and let the products speak for themselves, which in today’s media minded society is probably sales side suicide.

Aftershock by Myogenix

Regardless, Aftershock has the most complete ingredient panel in the category and its followers swear it works.

Our question is, how long can Myogenix go on selling a product this complete before mainstream market forces shake its cult community toward sexier products? Will the Hype Heathens win again or will the underdog rise.

You be the judge…you can see Aftershock’s ingredient panel and reviews here.


  • Daniel C. says:

    I have used this in the past when I was consistent in the gym and it did good for me. I also used it after my circuit training and it helped me be less sore.

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