Adenoflex – Return Of The Phantom

By March 8, 2018 July 30th, 2019 Fitness
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Heard: The sudden disappearance of this product from the market left its fans in pain and without anabolic window and recovery coverage. Now GAT’s planning a return of their phantom post-workout, and oh ya, with a heap of modernization and technology advances built in for good measure.

Rumor has it that GAT Sport’s post-workout, pump-prolonging formula Adenoflex will be back as early as this month, with an enhanced formula that will blow away its old results. The company removed it from the market several years ago because of negative feedback surrounding the product’s smell and taste, but customer demand for it to come back was so great that they simply could not ignore it. AdenoflexRather than slap a new label on it and hope users would continue to work past the old issues, GAT Sport is said to have been reworking the formula since the day it was pulled from shelves. The main culprit seemed to be Agmatine Sulfate, a fermented byproduct of L-arginine which increases nitric oxide production1, arguably the most important ingredient in Adenoflex. So they kept it in the new formula to help support post workout muscle fullness and volumization, but began working with a new manufacturer to improve the taste and smell without altering the results.


The most notable change, however, is removal of the proprietary blend to increase transparency in dosing for users. This new formula features creatine monohydrate to aid in improving development of muscle energy, size, and strength2, as well as Betaine to help increase protein synthesis and anabolic response3 and Tart Cherry Extract to assist in fighting inflammation and soreness4. Finally, we learned that they have added in a 2:1 ratio of BCAAs to add further potential protein synthesis-increasing power. Adenoflex by GAT

It seems GAT Sport is aiming to take hold of the postworkout market once again, as few, if any, currently available products promise the same prolonged muscle pump and recovery possibilities as the new Adenoflex formula. Subscribe to Strong Supplement Shop for more updates on Adenoflex and let us know if you’re excited for the its return below.





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